— About me

I’m Saskia Everard, a versatile designer focusing on user experience.

With a degree in Visual Communications from Arts University Bournemouth, I have several years’ experience working on a variety of graphics and communications-based projects. I’ve tackled a wide range of creative problems, from branding organisations in East Africa to activism campaigns in the UK. I have been focused on finding the best tools to execute content-driven creative and provide holistic visual solutions for my clients across disciplines.

It is the nature of any creative to reflect and evaluate. Taking a look at the industry and world I find myself in, I ask myself, where next? I truly believe design thinking can solve real-world challenges at scale, which brings me to UX and product design. Technology has become prominent in daily life; hailing a cab, ordering food, talking to a doctor. If we have the user as the priority at every stage in the design process, understand how they behave and what they need, we can solve problems bigger than ourselves as good design meets functionality. How can we find the sweet spot between business goals, technical constraints and user satisfaction? The answer will never be the same twice, and this is the area that now captures my focus.

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