About: Using the idea behind Adspur’s product, which is all about keeping people within the creative industry up to date with what’s going on via events, festivals, deadlines for award shows etc., in mind fuelled our execution of “adspur’s calendar for creatives”. This was an Instagram calendar posting daily creative industry events and highlighting the key upcoming dates.

Approaching Instagram with a clear underlying function of a calendar is new and, as far as we can tell, has never been done before. The campaign also has creativity in its own right (aside from the backbone calendar functionality) with a different creative taking over the cover posts for each month.

For February 2019 I was the creative covering the post designs, which follow as a series of PhotoShop surreal collage illustrations.

Working with ChewingRice Media.

Services: Art direction, branding & design.
Date: 2018-2019
Links: Adspur’s Instagram.